We cater! 

We're so excited to launch our new catering partnership option, including in-house made pastries, fruit trays, sandwiches, seltzers and coffee/tea service with all the essentials needed! 

Morning catering options:
- orange cranberry scones, 
cheddar jalapeno scones, 
sweet bread conchas, 
butter croissants and/or almond croissants. 
- fresh fruit trays 
- coffee/tea with all essentials
(cream, milk, sugar, cups, lids, etc) 

10-12 ppl: $135.00 (no tax)
14-16 ppl: $160.00 (no tax)
18-20 ppl: $185.00 (no tax)

Afternoon catering options: 
- sandwiches from Ottawa’s deli Wedel Touch of Europe
(ham, turkey,
salami or roast beef) 
- freshly baked cupcake from the Cupcake Lounge
(chocolate, vanilla, oreo or red velvet)
- Dominion City seltzer
(citrus, orange cream, cool melon)

10 ppl: $200.00 no tax
20 ppl: $400.00 no tax
30 ppl: $600.00 no tax
50 ppl: $900.00 no tax(includes a 10% discount on each boxed lunch)

All catering options must be booked in advance