The Cupcake Lounge's Mission Statement is threefold. It involves baking great products, managing the company sustainably, and being a good corporate citizen.

More specifically, it is as follows:

Product Mission

  • To make, distribute and sell all-natural, hand-made, high quality, signature cupcake products that will celebrate important life and other events, and give customers great satisfaction. 

Economic Mission

  • To manage the company on a sustainable financial basis, providing a good return on investment, and offering career and development opportunities for our employees. 

Social Mission

  • To promote socially responsible business practices in a way that respects the earth and the environment, helps the disadvantaged in our community, and improves quality of life.

What does this mean? In addition to baking great products and serving thousands of Ottawa area customers and visitors, it also means hiring and employing people who are not only experienced and motivated but who come from various ethnic backgrounds and all walks of life. We promote socially responsible business practices. Our business recycles paper and glass continuously. It also means that we must support several deserving local charitable organizations so we take our social mission seriously. The Cupcake Lounge is proud to support many worthwhile Ottawa-based community institutions and organizations including but not limited to the following:

  • CHEO
  • The Canadian Cancer Society
  • The Children's Make a Wish Foundation
  • The Ottawa Hospital Foundation
  • The Ottawa Humane Society
  • The Ottawa Mission
  • The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

Our business makes regular donations to The Ottawa Mission and helps feed the homeless.