Dark Belgian chocolate, pure Madagascar Bourbon vanilla, sweet cream butter, top quality flours and almost every type of fruit imaginable — these words just begin to describe some of the many ingredients that can be found in the more than 50 different flavours of cupcakes at The Cupcake Lounge in Ottawa. Whether it’s just for a simple treat or a special occasion like a baby shower, birthday, corporate event, engagement party, religious celebration, or wedding, you can taste the difference: our hand-crafted cupcakes are a treat enjoyed by everyone in Ottawa!

made from the finest ingredients

The Cupcake Lounge is an Ottawa-based retail bakery specializing in cupcakes. We offer all-natural, gourmet cupcakes baked fresh daily, made from the finest ingredients, and iced by hand with spatula not piped; no artificial flavours, lard, or preservatives. We have two Ottawa-area stores, one in the heart of the Byward Market at 6 Byward Market Square near Byward Market Square and Clarence and the other in Westboro at 324 Richmond Rd. close to Churchill.

Many people associate cupcakes with the 1950’s and the '60’s and the cupcakes that “Mom used to make” for school bake sales. However, these cupcakes were made mainly for children. Today, cupcakes are decidedly different.  They are now not only made more 'adult' but have gone both gourmet and upscale and can be found almost anywhere.  Cupcakes, in fact, have become one of the most noticeable trends in the baking industry over the past 20 years. There's no doubt about it.  Pervading our popular culture, cupcakes have become fashionable and trendy. However, rather than concentrating on the cute names and marketing ideas that are part and parcel of this phenomenon, we have tried to focus on what we think is really important and that's quality, pure and simple.